Introducing SevenJet Private Travel with Piaggio Avanti Aircraft


SevenJet Private Travel – A C&L Aviation Group Company offering shared ownership, global travel

(Bangor, Maine, USA) SevenJet Private Travel, a Florida-based C&L Aviation Company, offers private travel through shared ownership and charter flights exclusively on six Piaggio Avanti aircraft. Led by President Chuck White and Paul Woodard, head of sales, SevenJet Private Travel’s leadership team has decades of experience in the private-travel industry.

SevenJet’s six Avanti aircraft offer clients the speed of a light jet with the efficiency of a twin-engine turboprop.  The engines’ strategic placement ensures a smooth and quiet ride, and the large, luxurious cabin has more elbow room and head space for standing than other aircraft in its class. The Avanti’s interior cabin measures approximately 73 inches wide and 69 inches tall.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting new venture,” said Chuck White, President of SevenJet. “Providing the opportunity for shared ownership of these remarkable aircraft will satisfy our customers’ need for safe, private travel as an asset both professionally and personally.”

SevenJet Private Travel’s fleet is maintained by C&L Aviation Group, an industry leader in aviation maintenance, parts and support.

Shared ownership opportunities are available now. Visit SevenJet Private Travel for more information.

SevenJet Private Travel is a C&L Aviation Group company based in Florida. Operating exclusively with six Piaggio Avanti aircraft, SevenJet Private Travel offers shared ownership opportunities and luxurious charter travel around the globe. Visit for more information.