SevenJet Flies First Charter Flight to Cuba

cuba 2014SevenJet, operating one of its six Piaggio Avanti aircraft, was one of a handful of the Part 135 operators to make the first charter flights into Havana, Cuba, after the country officially opened to U.S. travel earlier this year.

On Monday, May 2, aircraft number N183MS left St. Petersburg, Florida, at 9:30 AM, flew to Miami, and finally landed at Cuba’s Havana airport without issue at 12:30 PM. The crew and passengers reported a smooth, event-free flight.

“This was a team effort by everyone,” said SevenJet’s President Chuck White. “We are very happy that we have been able to add Cuba as one of our newest destinations for our passengers.”

The aircraft will return to Cuba on May 6 and continue on to Saint Martin and Nassau before returning home to Miami. Besides Havana, SevenJet is approved for multiple airports within Cuba, including Jose Marti, Antonio Maceo, and Abel Santamaria airports.

Cuba officially opened to U.S. commercial flights earlier this year through an agreement made between the two countries. Travel between Cuba and the United States had been banned for 50 years. For now, travel to Cuba is only available through charter flights until the U.S. Department of Transportation awards flight routes to U.S. airlines later this summer.


ABOUT SEVENJET: SevenJet, an FAA certified 135 carrier, is a Florida-based C&L Aviation Group company offering charter flights around the world on light- to large-sized jets that are maintained by C&L Aerospace.



Chuck White, President SevenJet