10 reasons to consider booking a charter flight this Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial 3-day kick-off to summer, is a chance to break out of your winter slumber.

But let’s be honest. Three days is hardly enough time to get away to your second home or vacation spot, especially when you factor in travel nightmares like delays and long lines at airport security.

Maybe it’s time to consider booking a charter.

Avoid TSA lines, the most dreaded part of air travel is the TSA line

In recent months, the wait times (and resulting travel complications) are only increasing. When you book a charter flight, you circumvent this hassle and save precious time for your vacation, not the airport lobby.

Airline delays, worse than a long TSA line

635990020733153259-AP-Airport-Security-Long-LinesWaiting at the airport for a late plane will surely make you regret your vacation decision. When you book a charter flight, you travel on your schedule, not at the mercy of a hundred other travelers.

Customized departure and arrival times

Waiting for commercial flights is big time-waster. Charter flights put you in control. Leave right after work on a Friday night or first thing Saturday morning. It’s all up to you.

First-class travel

Commercial flights are crowded on busy holiday weekends. But when you charter a flight, you travel in style and comfort with only the travel companions you choose.

http://spendlikeaking.blogspot.com/You can bring the pets

Charter a flight, and your fur babies can roam free in the cabin. No more sedating man’s best friend and making him travel in a carrier or the luggage compartment.

Direct flights get you where you want to be

Flying commercially puts you at the mercy of the closest airport. That could mean added travel time to and from the airport. When you fly charter, you select the destination, and many times there is an airfield closer to it than any local airport hub.


Tired of sharing elbow room and breathing space with a hundred other passengers who might be peering at your iPad screen? When you fly charter, your privacy is paramount. No one has to know that you downloaded multiple episodes of House Hunters for the flight.

Ground Transportation

Luxury TravelOnce you’re off the plane, then what? Rent-a-car? Cab? Uber? We think not. When you book a chartered flight you also receive luxury transportation to and from the plane. Why should any part of your trip not be in complete style and comfort?

Inflight catering that you will enjoy

You don’t want to start your weekend trip with airline food, and we don’t blame you. When you book a chartered flight, you have complete control over the food and beverages served while you are in the air. It’s your trip so dine the way you want to.

beachphotoStress-free travel

Less stress. That’s the whole point right? So start your summer the way it should be, with a relaxing, long weekend away from the world. And let a chartered flight get you there.